TT-Netvaerket to gradually phase out 3G from April 2021

17 Mar 2020

TT-Netvaerket, the 50/50 joint infrastructure venture of Danish cellcos Telenor Denmark and Telia Denmark, is planning to gradually phase out 3G services from April 2021, in order to increase the capacity of its 4G networks and assist the introduction of 5G technology. TT-Netvaerket currently operates more than 4,300 antennas, providing 4G population coverage of 99.8%. Henrik Kofod, Telia’s technology director, stated: ‘The phasing out of the 3G network is a natural technology development that will give our customers even better capacity and speed in the 4G network. Whether you use mobile or tablet for voice or data, 4G provides a much better experience. And when we introduce 5G within the next few years, it will provide another significant boost to the digital infrastructure in Denmark.’

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