PTA to award 3.6GHz spectrum to Siminn, Nova and Vodafone

11 Mar 2020

Iceland’s telecoms watchdog the Post and Telecom Administration (PTA, or Post-og Fjarskiptastofnun [PFS]) has concluded its public consultation on the award of 5G spectrum in the country, revealing its plans to award 5G frequencies to three operators – Siminn, Nova and Vodafone Iceland (Syn) – currently in possession of 4G permits. The planned allocations in the 3.6GHz band are as follows:

• Siminn: block B3600 (3500MHz-3600MHz)

• Nova: block C3600 (3600MHz-3700MHz)

• Vodafone Iceland (Syn): block D3600 (3700MHz-3800MHz).

The regulator highlighted that the remaining 100MHz in the band will be distributed at a later stage, as the PTA would first monitor the development of 5G networks and the supply of 5G services in the near-term. The PTA will now prepare the terms and conditions for the draft authorisations and open a new public consultation on the licences before their formal award.