Iliad Group closes InfraVia fibre deal

3 Mar 2020

Iliad Group has announced that it has closed its strategic partnership deal with French private equity firm InfraVia via the sale of a 51% stake in Investissements dans la Fibre des Territoires (IFT), based on a 100% enterprise value of around EUR600 million (USD666 million). Formed specifically for the purpose of this partnership, IFT is tasked with acquiring and operating the group’s co-financed fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) tranches outside very-densely populated areas (zones tres denses, or ZTD) of France. Iliad Group has coverage in all regions of France and is aiming to have around 30 million connectable sockets (and 4.5 million fibre subscribers) by 2024. The company is marketing its fibre offers on 23 Public Initiative Networks (PINs, locally known as Reseaux d’Initiative Publique, or RIP) and, thanks to its new partnership with InfraVia, it will be able to increase its investments alongside these networks in order to reinforce its coverage footprint across the whole of France.

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