KPN aims to retire copper at 2.4m addresses by early 2023

25 Feb 2020

The Netherlands’ incumbent national telco KPN has given an update on its copper fixed line access network shutdown plans, stating on its website that it will put copper connections out of use at ‘almost 2.4 million addresses’ with fibre-optic access facilities ‘at the beginning of 2023’, while customers who still use the copper line at these addresses ‘can be converted to fibre by their provider’. Note that the copper-to-fibre network migration is in the process of being implemented earlier in some test areas, whilst KPN is currently rolling out fibre access in over 70 areas, aiming for around a million additional fibre-connected premises by the end of 2021. At these new addresses, KPN says that in due course it ‘will also put the copper network out of operation in the areas where both copper and fibre are located’.

Netherlands, KPN