O2 Slovakia could replace 4ka as post office retail partner

21 Feb 2020

Slovak cellco SWAN Mobile, which trades under the name 4ka, has said it will end its retail relationship with Slovenska Post if the post office network begins a new marketing partnership with rival operator O2. 4ka has been selling its SIM cards at Slovenska Post outlets since its launch in 2015, but Zive.sk cites 4ka’s chairman, Juraj Ondris, as saying: ‘According to our latest information, it seems that Slovenska Post is trying to sign a contract with our competition – O2 – by the end of the month. This means for us that we will start the process of our departure from the post office.’ In July last year the postal firm said it was inviting bids from other mobile operators with a view to signing new distribution deals. Slovenska Post says its retail arrangement with 4ka is not exclusive.

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