Zambia could offer fifth cellular operator licence

18 Feb 2020

Patrick Mutimunshi, director general at the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), has reportedly suggested that a fifth mobile network operator (MNO) concession could be offered in the country. According to ITWeb Africa, with the executive noting that the regulatory body’s mandate is to ensure sustained competition in the cellular sector, he was cited as saying: ‘The new licensing regime that we have has opened up the market for anyone to come in the country and invest. There is still the possibility of us accommodating a fifth operator that can still be able to make profit because at the end of the day, the operations must be sustainable.’

Meanwhile, the report also claims that the government has already carried out a market analysis, the results of which supported the entry of a fifth MNO and suggested that another new player would still allow for the wireless sector to remain profitable. According to the unnamed insider at ZICTA which revealed the existence of the market analysis, the government is keen to see the market develop to a point where competition drives down the high cost of voice communication and data services.