HT announces fibre rollout for 135,000 premises

11 Feb 2020

Croatian fixed and mobile operator Hrvatski Telekom (HT) has unveiled plans to deploy next-generation fibre networks for 135,000 households and businesses over the next three years under a series of government-subsidised rollouts. The HRK651 million (USD95 million) scheme forms part of a previously announced project under which the Croatian government intends to invest HRK1.1 billion to improve rural connectivity. HT says it will offer customers connections with speeds of at least 100Mbps using fibre-optic technology. The telco is paying HRK328 million towards the rollout itself, with the remainder to come from public funds.

Boris Drilo, HT’s CTO/CIO, commented: ‘After finalising the modernisation of the entire mobile network across Croatia at the end of last year and preparing it for an upgrade to 5G technology, we have made an additional breakthrough in the fixed segment. As part of this project, we will bring the next-generation network to parts of the country where it does not exist, thus enabling all residents in those areas to use modern technology to create a better future. Digitalisation of all parts of Croatia is a fundamental part of Hrvatski Telekom’s social purpose.’

Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom (HT)