Proximus announces 5G trial at the Port of Antwerp

6 Feb 2020

Belgian full-service telecoms operator Proximus and the Port of Antwerp have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop and test a private 5G network in order to evaluate potential industrial applications. As part of ‘The Digital Schelde’ project, the partners will develop current and future 5G use cases, such as connected tugs, self-driving vehicles and drones, which will ‘stimulate the digital transformation of the port’. Based on a test licence, Proximus will build the network using non-standalone architecture supplied by Nokia in the core of the network, in full compliance with the 3GPP standard, which will be connected to the port’s existing MPLS corporate network. Bart van den Meersche, Proximus’s Chief Enterprise Market Officer, noted: ‘The success of 5G in a B2B environment will hinge on understanding the needs of the customer and jointly developing valuable use cases, not just deploying new network technology. In other words, we’re taking a further step towards an effective 5G rollout, as soon as the spectrum required for this is available.’

Belgium, Proximus