SoftBank Corp to deploy 128 Technology’s SD-WAN solution

29 Jan 2020

128 Technology, which describes itself as a leading developer in Session Smart Networking technology, has announced that Japanese telco SoftBank Corp has selected the vendor’s 128T Networking Platform which is designed ‘to offer its enterprise customers a tunnel-free, managed SD-WAN solution that greatly enhances their network performance and security’. SoftBank is branding the service as ‘SD-WAN Type X’ and notes that the deployment marks a step up in terms of IP network service delivery. With many of its enterprise customers looking for networking solutions that will enhance their connectivity with cloud-based applications to drive future business growth, SoftBank hopes that by eliminating tunnels, the 128T Networking Platform and Session Smart Router will more effectively route network traffic to better pathways when there is network congestion, increasing both connectivity and bandwidth.

Japan, SoftBank Corp