Telekom, Deutsche Glasfaser team up for FTTH pilot

23 Jan 2020

Telekom Deutschland, the domestic operating unit of Deutsche Telekom, and Deutsche Glasfaser have announced a fibre-optic network pilot project in Ludinghausen, located in North Rhine-Westphalia. With this cooperation, Telekom will utilise the fibre infrastructure of Deutsche Glasfaser to provide telecoms services to homes and businesses. Telekom plans to begin offering fibre-based products to customers this year, and based on their experiences in Ludinghausen, the two companies plan to evaluate further collaboration projects in other municipalities.

‘Today’s agreement is an important step in accelerating the fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) expansion,’ commented Uwe Nickl, CEO of Deutsche Glasfaser, adding: ‘Two of Germany’s most important fibre-optic providers are now collaborating for the benefit of end customers, who will now enjoy much broader offerings in the same infrastructure. We at Deutsche Glasfaser will enable nearly one million customer lines by the end of this year. Open networks are part of our standard, because they enable competition and selection for end customers without having to lay redundant fibre-optic networks.’