Lonestar Cell-MTN extends mobile coverage in Liberia

23 Jan 2020

Lonestar Cell-MTN, which is majority owned by South Africa-based MTN Group, has revealed that following its latest expansion it has successfully commissioned cell sites in more than 55 towns and villages across Liberia, delivering mobile coverage for the first time in those areas. In a press release dated 21 January 2020, the mobile network operator (MNO) confirmed: ‘People in these towns and villages can now make calls, send text messages and even use the internet for the first time in these locations, thereby removing the hassle of having to travel long distances to search for a signal to make a connection.’

The MNO’s rollout takes in settlements in Nimba, Bong, Grand Capemount and Gbarpolu Counties, it confirmed, adding that the expansion is part of a significant investment currently being undertaken to improve the end user experience, deliver high speed mobile internet and offer high-quality voice calls across the country.

Commenting on the development, Lonestar Cell-MTN’s CEO, Uche Ofodile said: ‘In the most remote parts of Liberia, people can now connect to their families and loved ones using the MTN network … This is a major advancement for the people in these communities who are now on [the] network. We believe everyone deserves the benefit of a modern, connected life and our continued network expansion is our way of ensuring that our customers can always enjoy quality and affordable telecommunications services everywhere they go.’

Liberia, Lonestar Cell-MTN