Tele2 switches on commercial 5G at two sites

22 Jan 2020

Tele2 Latvia has commercially launched 5G services in Daugavpils and Jelgava, enabling any Tele2 customer with a compatible device within the coverage area of the sites to access the new network. According to Tele2, the system offers peak theoretical download speeds of over 1Gbps. 5G services are available via just two base stations, one in each city, which were installed in December last year. The cellco has installed a test site in Riga, but has yet to launch commercial services in the capital.

Tele2 Technical Director Liga Krumina was quoted as saying of the cellco’s 5G rollout: ‘The introduction of 5G is a financially and technologically significant and time-consuming process, and we are working with an experienced partner, the Finnish company Nokia. Together with them, we have built a core network, purchased base stations and the necessary software from them, which proved itself well in test mode. At the moment, we are also evaluating what could be the next places to install the next 5G base stations this year’.

Alongside its planned expansion of 5G services, Tele2 is continuing to invest in the development of its 4G network, and has plans to deploy 50 new LTE sites and upgrade close to 150 others this year.

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