Cabo Verde Telecom: LTE reaches ‘almost 40%’ of population

21 Jan 2020

Chairman of Cabo Verde Telecom (CVT), Jose Luis do Livramento, told local press that the 4G LTE mobile network operated by subsidiary CV Movel has reached coverage of ‘almost 40%’ of the nation’s population since its commercial launch in Q3 last year. Quoted by newspaper Expresso das Ilhas, the chairman added that the LTE network is ‘working well’ and providing mobile data speeds comfortably above 6Mbps, the minimum speed specified by the Multisectorial Regulatory Agency of the Economy (Agencia Reguladora Multissectorial da Economia, ARME), with typical data rates at ‘over 10Mbps’, reaching peaks of 20Mbps-30Mbps depending on local user traffic levels, while CVT ‘will continue to invest very heavily in 4G’. He also reiterated that the company is considering plans to introduce 5G technology in 2020, saying: ‘The government is betting on bringing 5G quickly and CV Telecom is responding to that and already has plans for 5G this year.’