T-Mobile Netherlands introducing ‘5G ready’ Unlimited packages

20 Jan 2020

T-Mobile Netherlands is introducing a ‘5G-ready’ mobile subscription package next month as an addition to its Unlimited voice/data packages, giving subscribers access to its 5G network ‘as soon as it becomes available’. T-Mobile announced on its website that the EUR37.50 (USD41.60) monthly package is in response to customer demand, and additionally the new plan includes unlimited calling from the Netherlands to the EU and built-in antivirus software alongside the existing Unlimited features of uncapped domestic calls/domestic internet use.

T-Mobile expects the first 5G devices to be available in the Dutch market in the first quarter of this year. Prior to its merger with Tele2 Netherlands – completed a year ago – T-Mobile promised to be the first Dutch operator to roll out ‘nationwide’ 5G services in 2020. In November 2019 it announced that its mobile network in The Hague was ‘fully equipped for 5G’ and ready to offer city-wide access to 5G services immediately after the upcoming frequency auction expected in May-June.

Netherlands, T-Mobile Netherlands