Airtel-Tigo becomes Airtel Rwanda

20 Jan 2020

Rwandan cellco Airtel-Tigo has rebranded as Airtel Rwanda, two years after the merger of the former rivals Airtel and Tigo. The firm has also been issued with a new twelve-year unified operating licence under its new moniker. The New Times cites Amit Chawla, Airtel Rwanda’s Managing Director, as saying: ‘In the past two years, we have been tirelessly working to merge two big brands, and we are delighted to tell you that we have successfully accomplished that. We are now one brand, Airtel. What it means for us is that the customers will see us as one uniform face, which means that the customer will be able to see the harmonisation of products.’ Airtel claims around 46% of Rwanda’s mobile subscriber total, with the remainder accounted for by market leader MTN.