Vodafone UK extends 5G coverage, introduces MORAN technology

14 Jan 2020

Mobile operator Vodafone UK has announced that its customers can now access its 5G network ‘in more than 100 places in the UK and other European countries’, claiming this figure is double the number of locations offered by its nearest competitor. In a press release regarding the expansion of its network coverage and capacity, the operator revealed that the newest locations covered by 5G include the cities of Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds, as well as the towns of Cheadle, Rochdale and Stockport in and around Greater Manchester. In addition, Vodafone UK used the coverage announcement to claim it has also become the first operator in the country to successfully introduce 5G multi-operator radio access network (MORAN) technology; it noted that the new platform enables providers to share the same mobile base station, helping to reduce energy usage and the number of masts needed.

Meanwhile, Vodafone UK has also confirmed that it is now offering 5G roaming in five locations in the Republic of Ireland, namely: Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. Previously, it had made 5G roaming available in Germany, Italy and Spain, while the operator also notes that it currently offers its customers 4G roaming in a total of 158 destinations.

United Kingdom, Vodafone UK