Rural internet connectivity programme benefits rural parishes in Azuay

10 Jan 2020

Ecuador’s Ministry of Telecoms & Information Society (Mintel) has announced that four rural parishes in the province of Azuay are set to receive 3G mobile internet connectivity under the government’s ‘Todos Conectados’ (Internet For All) initiative announced in November 2019. The ministry notes that more than 12,000 residents in Bulan, Luis Cordero Vega, San Cristobal and San Bartolome will now have mobile internet access, providing a boost to the local economy. They are the first of 45 parishes due to be connected by March of this year, as part of an initiative which aims to provide affordable internet access to 127,000 homes in previously underserved rural areas by 2021. The government has promised a total of 392 parishes will receive 3G coverage and 537 will benefit from 4G connectivity.

Ecuador, Ministry of Telecoms & Information Society (Mintel)