China Radio and TV sheds more light on 5G plans

20 Dec 2019

Cable TV provider and 5G licensee China Broadcasting Network (CBN, also known as China Radio and Television) has provided more details regarding the planned launch of it 5G-based converged media communications network in 2020. For the trial stage of its 5G rollout, Sina Tech reports that the company will pilot the technology in 16 cities – including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen – with a planned investment of around CNY2.5 billion (USD357 million). For its full deployment, however, the company is looking to complete the work though co-construction and sharing agreements with other providers, initially targeting 40 large and medium sized cities in H1 2020, followed by 334 prefectures and key tourist cities in the second half of the year. Eventually, the company is hoping to cover all of the country’s cities, towns and administrative villages, with a view to extending its footprint to 95% of the population.

C114 cites Li Shuang, the deputy director of CBN’s technology development and research division, as saying that CBN’s 5G business will span six areas. According to the official, the company’s primary target must be the provision of immersive and interactive broadcast and TV media services. Also on CBN’s list of priorities, however, are: the provision of mobile communication services; the development of the Internet of Everything (IoE) industry, covering government services, energy, transportation and other segments; the provision of HD video entertainment services including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR); and the promotion of public services. Finally, Li Shuang added that the company will ‘converge media cloud broadcast control services, including the resources of cable TV networks and overall broadcast platforms, to provide users with new media services’.

China, China Radio and Television (China Broadnet)