Commerce Commission identifies areas for withdrawal of copper services

19 Dec 2019

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has published an interactive map showing its initial assessment of locations where Chorus will eventually be able to stop providing copper services, such as landlines and ADSL or VDSL broadband, because fibre is now available. The earliest Chorus can stop supplying these services is from mid-2020 and only in the areas where fibre is available to be installed in homes and once certain consumer protections are in place. The Commission is developing the consumer protections to be included in a copper withdrawal code and will release a draft code for consultation early next year. The initial assessment of specified fibre areas (SFAs) covers approximately 1.5 million households and businesses mainly in major towns and cities across New Zealand.

‘New Zealand is transitioning from delivering home landline and broadband services via the copper network to faster and more reliable fibre and mobile networks. By 2022 most New Zealanders are expected to have access to fibre at home. That means large parts of the copper network may no longer be needed,’ Head of Telecommunications Simon Thomson said.

New Zealand, Chorus (New Zealand), Commerce Commission of New Zealand