VIP to rebrand as A1 in 2020

17 Dec 2019

Serbian wireless provider VIP Mobile has announced that from next year it will adopt the A1 branding of its parent company A1 Telekom Austria. The group introduced the moniker in 2017, and it has since been adopted by VIP’s sister companies in Croatia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovenia and North Macedonia. In a press release from the company, VIP CEO Dejan Turk was quoted as saying: ‘Affiliation with A1 Telekom Austria Group has already enabled us to share experiences as well as new technologies. We are recognised as an innovator and a company that is changing the market for the better. Now is the time for us to change for the better. We firmly believe that operators can no longer just provide access to infrastructure and customer support, and rebranding will just make a significant contribution to delivering on this promise.’

VIP confirmed that the rebranding exercise would not change its relationship with its customers, which will continue to receive the same service and will not require the replacement of SIM cards or devices.