Broadcast regulator approves plan to release 800MHz, 700MHz bands for mobile

17 Dec 2019

Ukraine’s National Television & Radio Broadcasting Council (NRADA) announced on its website that it has approved a draft Action Plan to free up the ‘digital dividend’ 790MHz-862MHz (800MHz) and 694MHz-790MHz (700MHz) frequency bands for 4G LTE mobile broadband services by redistributing spectrum used by TV broadcasting. The plan was approved at NRADA’s meeting on 12 December in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 497 of 8 July 2019 ‘On Some Measures to Improve Access to Mobile Internet’, and will now be sent to the State Secretariat of Administration for further approval by the Cabinet of Ministers. Under the plan, national digital TV channels will operate in the 470MHz-694MHz range, while the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies (UCRF) will allocate additional frequencies for local/regional broadcasting. Preliminary calculations for redevelopment of local and regional TV channels are due from the UCRF in April 2020, NRADA added.