Orange Belgium launches 5G testing hub in port of Antwerp

16 Dec 2019

Orange Belgium has activated the Orange Industry 4.0 Campus, a 5G testing hub for business, in the area of the port of Antwerp. The 5G network and open innovation hub will enable the operator and its industrial partners to begin exploring the full potential of the technology using real-life applications. According to Orange, the network is the first 5G standalone architecture network in Belgium to be used by industrial partners, meaning 5G capabilities are deployed on a separate network rather than added to regular 3G/4G technologies, thereby enabling network slicing, very low latency and massive IoT. Orange has chosen ZTE as a technical partner for the initiative, which will initially be powered by seven sites in the area of the port of Antwerp, although this will be increased to 14 sites by the end of April 2020 in order to provide coverage to other sites in the wider region. Orange has demonstrated a real-life data connection with a download speed of 1.42Gbps, an uplink speed of 329Mbps and latency of seven milliseconds.

Orange Belgium CEO Michael Trabbia noted: ‘As a bold challenger, also in the enterprise market, we are very proud to open our Orange Industry 4.0 Campus in the port of Antwerp to start testing 5G use cases that can benefit from the full potential of 5G, needed to increase the competitiveness for business.’

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