Greece open to Chinese equipment in mobile networks as Kalamata halts Wind 5G trial

9 Dec 2019

The Greek government has said it would welcome Chinese investment in the country’s telecoms networks, despite warnings from the US that this could pose a cybersecurity threat. A report from Tomos News cites the Minister of Digital Policy, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, as saying: ‘With regards to the presence of specific companies we are, on the whole, welcoming of Chinese investment in Greece,’ alluding to potential partnerships between local telcos and Chinese vendor Huawei. Greece is expecting to auction 5G spectrum in 2020.

Meanwhile, Kalamata city council has voted to halt a 5G network trial being carried out by Wind Hellas citing public health concerns. Authorities in the city say further information needs to be provided on radiation levels from the new mobile network, Greek City Times reports.

Greece, Huawei Technologies, Wind Hellas