Makedonski Telekom to trial 5G technology in Skopje

2 Dec 2019

Makedonski Telekom has set up a trial 5G network in the centre of Skopje, with tests scheduled to be carried out during 2020 prior to a full commercial launch. The company said that it is aiming to test the 5G performance in real time enabling new services for users, such as: super fast fixed-wireless internet, virtual reality (VR) 3600 live video, VR gaming in real time and ultra-HD multi-video streaming. Makedonski Telekom CEO Nikola Ljusev said: ‘For several years we have been working intensively on building a new network infrastructure that will benefit our customers with 5G. We have measured 5G speeds several times, in laboratory conditions. Today, for the first time, we measure speeds in real time, via the signal from the first 5G base stations stationed in central Skopje. We have the first test 5G network in the country that will enable us to be ready to introduce this technology to all users when the time comes.’

North Macedonia, Makedonski Telekom (Telekom)