Gabon Telecom begins 5G tests in Libreville

26 Nov 2019

Gabon Telecom, the country’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) by subscribers, has announced it has begun testing of a 5G network in real world conditions at three sites in Libreville, according to local press reports. The trial, which will use frequencies in the 3400MHz to 3500MHz band assigned by the country’s telecoms regulator, will be conducted over six months and assess how the technology could be used to develop innovative applications. Speaking at a press conference, Gabon Telecom CEO Abderrahim Koumaa stressed that 5G is simply being tested and will not be launched commercially for ‘perhaps two, three, four years’. Gabon Telecom is understood to be using equipment supplied by Nokia and Huawei.

Gabon, Gabon Telecom (Moov Africa)