Proximus and Orange Belgium finalise mobile access network sharing agreement

25 Nov 2019

Orange Belgium and Proximus have signed the final agreement to establish the mobile access network sharing collaboration first announced in July 2019. The shared mobile network will be designed, built and operated by a new joint venture, owned 50/50 by the two companies and based in Brussels. No details were provided regarding when the companies expect to initiate the venture, which is subject to a challenge lodged with the competition authorities by rival Telenet.

Sandrine Dufour, Proximus’s interim CEO, commented: ‘This mobile access network sharing will allow us to aim for a faster and broader 5G rollout and to improve the mobile network capacity and coverage to the benefit of our customers.’ Michael Trabbia, Orange Belgium CEO, added: ‘This collaboration will enable Orange Belgium to continue to challenge the telecom market, while facilitating a faster and more extensive 5G deployment in Belgium and meeting the growing demand of our customers for mobile data. The agreement will therefore reinforce the competitive environment and maintain a strong differentiation on services and customer experience.’

Belgium, Orange Belgium, Proximus