CBN aiming for commercial 5G launch in 2020

21 Nov 2019

Cable TV provider and 5G licensee China Broadcasting Network (CBN, also known as China Radio and Television) has announced plans to begin offering commercial 5G services in 2020. Company Chairman Zhao Jingchun set out the operator’s plans for the technology at the World 5G Conference, C114 writes, with its timeline aiming for pilot programmes in 2019 to be followed in 2020 with a commercial launch, and full network rollout in 2021. CBN’s network uses a combination of 700MHz and 4.9GHz frequencies and, due to this slightly different approach, the official underlined the need for the company to collaborate closely with industrial partners to support ecosystem development. To that end, the company’s first step is to pursue standardisation of 5G technology on the 700MHz band, the executive explained. CBN will focus on broadcasting over the 5G network – in particular HD and Ultra HD video content – but says that it will also ‘open up a broader space in vertical industry applications enabling multi-scenario applications such as smart homes, smart cities, IoT, industrial internet and national emergency services.’