Nkom sets out notification obligations for Telenor related to copper switch-off plans

13 Nov 2019

Norway’s National Communications Authority (Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet, Nkom) has specified what information local fixed line incumbent Telenor Norge must provide for its wholesale customers in areas where it plans to shutter its copper access network.

In a press release the regulator noted that, under a decision it made in December 2018 designating Telenor as holding significant market power (SMP) in the broadband market, the telco is required to issue notifications regarding changes to its infrastructure to customers. In line with this, the watchdog said it had sought to clarify exactly what information Telenor sends its wholesale customers. Included among the key bits of information it has said must be communicated are: a timeframe for when wholesale access to copper will cease; information regarding what replacement product Telenor will offer at the wholesale level; the timetable for the introduction of this replacement product; and all technical parameters, and price terms, for the replacement wholesale product.

Meanwhile, the Nkom also confirmed that it had been advised by Telenor that it has already sent information regarding its proposed network shutdowns to all of its wholesale customers. With regards to these previously-sent advisory notices, the regulator said it will consider whether these could be considered to have met the requirements it has now formally set out in a separate process.

Feedback on the regulator’s direction regarding the notification requirements is now being accepted, with it having set a 25 November 2019 deadline for submissions.