Second IXP launched in DRC

11 Nov 2019

A new internet exchange point (IXP) has been launched in Lubumbashi – the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s) second largest city – with assistance from global non-profit organisation the Internet Society (ISOC) and Facebook along with local partners the ISP Association of DRC (ISPA-DRC). In a press release from ISOC, the group noted that much of the internet traffic in Lubumbashi is ‘exchanged outside the region and in many cases outside the country’, leading to slower connections and higher costs. Technical training, support and equipment for the Lubumbashi IXP (LUBIX) was provided by ISOC in collaboration with Facebook, the two having partnered in September last year to promote the development of IXP infrastructure throughout Africa. A spokesperson for ISPA-DRC was quoted by Agence Ecofin as saying that a third IXP is planned in Goma, on the border with Rwanda – the first was launched in the nation’s capital in November 2012.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Facebook