Crowdfunding helps kickstart XS4ALL successor

11 Nov 2019

Supporters of long-standing Dutch ISP XS4ALL – owned by KPN which is shutting down the brand – are launching a new service ‘incorporating XS4ALL’s primary focus on privacy, quality and innovation’, reports KPN’s announcement at the start of this year that it was closing the fixed broadband sub-brand as part of a wider strategy to focus on the main KPN brand sparked protest from loyal XS4ALL users, with 54,000 people signing a petition against the decision, before over 3,000 people pledged money to kickstart a new ISP. The XS4ALL action group has raised around EUR12.5 million (USD13.8 million) in donations (according to various local media) including EUR2.5 million via crowdfunding. The resultant start-up company, thus far unnamed, aims to launch services within a few months and serve 60,000 customers within three years.

XS4ALL was launched in 1993 by students and was bought by KPN in 1998 but remained an independent entity within the group.

(Update: the new ISP has named itself Freedom Internet and plans to start services in Q1 2020, whilst talks with KPN on access to broadband networks are ongoing.)

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