El Salvador will hold long-delayed AWS spectrum auction next month

8 Nov 2019

El Salvador’s Electricity and Telecommunications Superintendency (Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecom, SIGET) has announced it will hold the long-delayed auction of 120MHz of mobile spectrum in the 1700MHz/2100MHz (AWS and Extended AWS) band. Divided into twelve lots of 2×5MHz, the frequencies on offer include 90MHz in the 1710MHz-1755MHz/2110MHz-2155MHz (AWS) range and a further 30MHz in the 1755MHz-1770MHz/2155MHz-2170MHz (Extended AWS) band. Each block of 2×5MHz has a reserve price of USD6.25 million. The regulator has invited interested parties to submit applications by the end of 27 November, with the auction set to take place on 5 December.

Previously, SIGET had earmarked a further 20MHz of spectrum in the 1850MHz-1860MHz/1930MHz-1940MHz band for allocation alongside the AWS frequencies, but no announcement has been made on when this might now take place.