Beeline Kazakhstan claims 3Gbps 5G pilot speed

6 Nov 2019

Beeline Kazakhstan – part of the VEON group – reported on its website that it has achieved a peak data speed of 3Gbps on its 5G pilot network in Shymkent, consisting of three base stations and core equipment supplied by Nokia. The 5G pilot in the country’s third largest city will run until the end of 2019, and the cellco says it will draw conclusions based on the pilot’s results regarding the necessary investments in technology for developing 5G, and will evaluate the readiness of its networks for widespread 5G adoption. Beeline’s ongoing preparations for 5G include a large-scale network modernisation project launched in the first half of 2019, involving a complete analysis of coverage for optimal deployment of new base stations to provide high speed mobile internet in cities without ‘blank spots’.

Kazakhstan, KaR-Tel (Beeline)