DITO sets out stall to capture 30% market share in three years

4 Nov 2019

DITO Telecommunity Corp (formerly Mislatel), the Philippines’ new third telco, has thrown down the gauntlet to PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom, stating its aim to secure 30% of the domestic mobile market in its first three years of operations. In a recent statement, DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo D Santiago confirmed the newcomer’s ambitious targets which would see it first offer 4G LTE services from Q2 2020, before moving to the more advanced 5G technology, possibly sometime in 2021.

DITO, the joint venture of Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corp, Chelsea Logistics Corp and China Telecom, won the third telecoms operating franchise in late 2018. Under the terms of the award, the newcomer is required to cover around 37% of the Philippines with a minimum mobile broadband speed of 27Mbps in year one, through a PHP150 billion (USD2.89 billion) capital expenditure outlay, rising to 84% by year five, by which time it has committed to spend a total of PHP257 billion. Earlier this month it inked separate deals with local telecoms infrastructure providers LCS Holdings and Sky Cable to help accelerate the rollout of its new services across the country. The tie-up with LCS Holdings – a venture backed by Filipino politician Luis Chavit Singson – will see DITO leasing capacity on shared telco towers that LCS is aiming to build in ‘key areas’ of the Philippines, Business Mirror reports. Separately, meanwhile, the third telco has struck a deal with broadband provider Sky Cable to utilise unused fibre-optic cables within Metro Manila. ‘The promising deals we have entered into are testament to DITO’s commitment to work with all like-minded parties who want nothing more than to deliver fast, affordable and safe Internet connectivity that the Filipino people truly deserve,’ Santiago is quoted as saying.

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