Spark starts 5G live trial in Auckland Harbour

1 Nov 2019

Spark New Zealand has announced that it is now trialling a 5G service in Auckland Harbour for Emirates Team New Zealand, delivering on their promise to help make the boat go faster in the bid to defend the next America’s Cup. The reduced latency and higher bandwidth of 5G means Emirates Team New Zealand can now livestream data and video back to engineers and designers at the base straight directly from the new boat while it is sailing.

Spark CEO Jolie Hodson commented: ‘Getting 5G to trial live on the water for Emirates Team New Zealand is delivering what we said we’d do when we opened the Spark 5G lab last year – helping to make their boat go faster.’ Hodson added that the team’s use of 5G demonstrates the difference it will make to New Zealand businesses: ‘Many industries and businesses in New Zealand will have their own ideas on what their transformative technology could be enabled by 5G. We want to encourage businesses to begin thinking about how they can prepare for the future of Spark 5G.’

New Zealand, Spark