Telco OI launches 4G in Mayotte

31 Oct 2019

Telecom Reunion Mayotte (Telco OI), which is equally controlled by Iliad Group of France and Axian Group (previously Hiridjee Group), has launched 4G LTE services with theoretical speeds of 70Mbps in Mayotte. The company, which operates under the Only banner, has introduced three pre-paid 4G plans – Massama Plus, Massama Maxi and Massama Mega – offering 2GB (EUR14.99, USD16.67), 4GB (EUR24.99) and 20GB (EUR39.99) of data, while post-paid subscribers can choose between the Silver and Gold suites of plans (with a 24-month contract). According to the National Agency of Frequencies (Agence Nationale des Frequences, ANFR), Telco OI is authorised to operate 100 4G-enabled sites in the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands; the company is understood to be able to provide 4G services to 99% of the island’s population.

Mayotte, Telco OI Mayotte (Only)