Hong Kong awards 4.9GHz licences

24 Oct 2019

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and HKT have both acquired 40MHz of 5G spectrum in the 4.9GHz band for the reserve price of HKD120 million (USD15.3 million) each. Spectrum will be assigned in December and licences will be valid for 15 years. Last week the four incumbent cellcos – HKT, CMHK, Hutchison 3 and SmarTone – paid a combined HKD1.006 billion for 5G-capable 3.5GHz licences. Hutchison and SmarTone opted not to take part in the 4.9GHz sale.

In a statement HKT said: ‘The 4.9GHz band spectrum is strategically important as it will raise the overall speed and capacity of HKT’s 5G service. In addition, we can deploy the spectrum to enhance our coverage in the two highly populated “restriction zones” in Hong Kong South and New Territories East, where the presence of satellite stations could cause interference with the 3.5GHz band.’