Vodafone Albania granted 5G testing permission

16 Oct 2019

Albania’s Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (Autoritetit Te Komunikimeve Elektronike Dhe Postare, AKEP) has granted mobile market leader Vodafone Albania permission to start testing 5G technology, marking a first for the country, Agenzia Nova reported. An initial test period of two months has been permitted, after which Vodafone must present its results to AKEP. It is understood that Vodafone has been allotted test frequencies in the 3600MHz-3700MHz range.

In related activities, AKEP representatives have informed journalists of the regulator’s plans to oversee testing of DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcasting, the adoption of which will involve migrating DTT providers from the 700MHz frequency band to a lower range, freeing up the 700MHz band for subsequent 5G mobile spectrum licensing. AKEP indicates it will begin monitoring DVB-T2 tests in 2020 using similar procedures to its previous monitoring of Albania’s analogue-to-DTT switchover process which freed up the 800MHz band for 4G mobile service expansion. The watchdog added that DTT broadcasters will receive compensation for implementing the frequency swap.