Viva Kuwait launches enterprise ‘5G Connectivity’ service

15 Oct 2019

Viva Kuwait this week launched 5G solutions for enterprises under the ‘5G Connectivity’ banner, following its commercial launch of 5G smartphone packages in late July. In a press release claiming ‘nationwide’ coverage, Viva said its 5G Connectivity solutions include Dedicated Data Access, Dedicated Internet Access, and on-demand services such as CCTV and Cloud PBX. CEO Maziad bin Naser Al-Harbi declared: ‘5G Connectivity will facilitate enterprise leased lines deployment and daily maintenance while ensuring an uninterrupted and enhanced experience. It will also provide the agile and scalable connectivity according to the enterprises’ needs and requirements. In the 5G era, the Dedicated Access will be a typical application scenario. I believe the services will promote the commercial and social value of 5G. In the future, we will continue to enhance our portfolios to enable state-of-art ICT solutions for local enterprises.’

Kuwait, STC Kuwait (formerly Viva)