Sweden looking at tougher controls on equipment suppliers

15 Oct 2019

A change to Swedish law may make it possible for the country’s military and security forces to veto telecoms equipment contracts if a particular supplier is deemed to pose a threat to national security. The move is thought to be aimed at Huawei of China which has been accused of producing equipment which could allow spying on behalf of the Chinese government. The new legislation is expected to be pushed through Parliament this autumn.

A report from SVT cites Minister of Infrastructure Anders Ygeman as saying: ‘Security in radio communications and mobile networks is becoming increasingly important. The amendment to the law makes it possible to deny a permit if a supplier poses a threat to Swedish security. It also provides the opportunity to revoke permits from operators.’ He added: ‘We simply cannot allow dangerous components. The government and I have seen a value in having the new legislation in place before the auction for new 5G licences is held in early 2020.’