VEON Armenia launches 4G network in Echmiadzin

7 Oct 2019

VEON Armenia, formerly ArmenTel and trading under the brand Beeline, has announced the launch of fourth-generation LTE services in the city of Echmiadzin, allowing users to access the internet at speeds of up to 100Mbps. reports that the cellco’s launch in the region is supported by a network of 4G base stations operating at 1800MHz, which offers improved in-building coverage. Since the start of this year, VEON Armenia – a wholly owned subsidiary of Amsterdam-based VEON – has increased the number of 700MHz/1800MHz 4G base stations in the country by 24% and will continue to actively expand network coverage throughout the country in future. The cellco claims that in 2019 smartphone take-up has increased 6% and the number of mobile internet users among smartphone users is up 10%.