Swedish regulator calls for additional broadband investment

3 Oct 2019

Sweden’s Post and Telecom Agency (Post & Telestyrelsen, PTS) says the country will need an additional SEK22 billion (USD2.2 billion) in investment if it is to meet a goal of having 100Mbps services available nationwide by 2025. The extra funding will have to come on top of what commercial operators have committed to spending, it says. It added that its figures are based on the deployment of a national fibre-optic network, and utilising other technologies such as wireless could help to lower the total. In a statement PTS Director General Dan Sjoblom wrote: ‘In the future, the involvement of commercial actors needs to be met by governmental efforts through broadband support in order for us to arrive [at the target]. In addition, we need to take a closer look at the extent to which wireless technology in the future can contribute to as many people as possible being able to access 100Mbps over the next few years.’

Sweden, Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS)