Huawei handed Polish reprieve

24 Sep 2019

The Polish government says it will not exclude any one supplier from providing equipment for the country’s 5G network rollouts, though it intends to enforce strict security measures. There had been speculation that Huawei of China could be excluded from contracts on cyber-security grounds, due to its links with the Chinese government, but Marek Zagorski, Poland’s Minister of Digitisation, has confirmed that this will not be the case. He told the Polish Press Agency (PAP): ‘There is and there will be no decision that would apply to any particular company, e.g. Huawei, when it comes to building a 5G network in Poland. However, you must be aware that security is key here.’ He added: ‘We want to know who will be the supplier of the equipment, to whom this company belongs, what are the obligations of its owners and to whom, e.g. third countries. We’ll definitely try to define it.’

Zagorski says telcos bidding for 5G spectrum will be responsible for ensuring that their chosen equipment partners meet the required security standards: ‘This means that they will have to use trusted suppliers, i.e. those who will guarantee that they meet the security criteria.’ The minister also said that network architecture, certification of devices and strong monitoring all play a part in maintaining security of 5G networks, which he said must be treated as critical infrastructure.