Touch switches on Lebanon’s first 5G site at HQ

23 Sep 2019

Lebanese state-owned mobile operator Touch – managed by Zain Group – announced in a press release that it has launched the country’s first 5G mobile site, located at its headquarters in downtown Beirut. Data speeds of 1.4Gbps have been tested at the site, with latency of less than 6ms. Touch says that 5G-enabled devices will be available at the HQ for further testing and demos. Touch CEO Emre Gurkan said: ‘Last year, we officially conducted Lebanon’s first commercial 5G trial and today we are proud to be the first mobile operator to launch the first 5G site in Lebanon, a crucial step that will soon allow us to offer the most innovative products and services to our customers in consumer, business, IoT, and smart cities sectors … Together with Zain Group and the Ministry of Telecommunications, we will soon make 5G a commercial reality.’

Lebanon, Touch Lebanon (MIC 2)