iConnect launches eSIM solution on Guam

20 Sep 2019

Guam-based mobile operator iConnect has launched what it says is the territory’s first consumer embedded SIM (eSIM) solution, in association with Hong Kong-based 10T Tech. eSIM is a global functionality specification accredited by the GSMA which enables remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device. eSIM enables devices to offer out-of-the-box network connectivity without the need to purchase a separate physical SIM card. Users can simply turn on their devices and download the mobile plan of their choosing.

Rene C. Lao, iConnect’s chief financial officer, commented: ‘The planned digital sign-up experience is in line with iConnect’s continual efforts to be the most innovative mobile carrier on Guam, constantly striving to offer its current and new customers the best service and most innovative features.’