Tele2 outlines plans for 5G sites

18 Sep 2019

Latvian cellco Tele2 has announced plans to install 5G base stations at sites in Daugavpils and Jelgava by the end of the year. The provider currently has a single 5G base station in the Mukusala Business Centre in Riga and notes that the locations for the two new sites – Jatnieku street in Daugavpils and Dobele highway in Jelgava – had been selected due to the existing network infrastructure in those areas. Technical Director Liga Krumina explained: ‘The 5G base station in Mukusala Business Centre is operating successfully … [and] we have reached the technical stage where we are ready to launch the 5G network in other cities of Latvia, which will help to promote the development of these regions in the future.’ The official noted that the launch of commercial 5G services ‘without any restrictions’ is expected ‘soon’, but added that the technology is ‘in the early stages of development’.

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