Slovakia opens consultation into spectrum auction

28 Aug 2019

Slovakia’s Regulatory Office (Regulacny Urad, RU) has opened a consultation into its terms for awarding wireless spectrum in the 700MHz, 900MHz, 1500MHz and 1800MHz bands. The watchdog wants to auction 2×30MHz at 700MHz, 2×4MHz at 900MHz, 18 blocks of 5MHz in the 1500MHz range and 2×9MHz in the 1800MHz band. Frequencies in the 700MHz and 1500MHz ranges will be suitable for 5G services, the RU says.

At present, sub-1GHz spectrum is held only by the country’s three largest cellcos – Slovak Telekom (ST), Orange and O2 – and the watchdog is favouring the entry of a new player in the 700MHz range in order to encourage competition. This could come in the form of either fourth cellco SWAN Mobile (4ka) – which currently only has access to 1800MHz spectrum – or an entirely new operator. Winning bidders must begin utilising frequencies in the 700MHz and 1500MHz ranges within two years of receiving their licences, while a time limit of six months will apply to the other two bands.