Slovenian govt to fund broadband rollout to 50,000 homes

22 Aug 2019

Telcos in Slovenia say they plan to provide around 47,500 unserved households in rural areas with broadband internet services, leaving approximately 50,000 households in so-called ‘white’ areas to be covered by state-funded rollouts. STA reports that ten operators responded to a government call to provide information on planned deployments in rural areas, with these ten firms – Elta, KTV Dravograd, KTV Ravne, RUNE-SI, Sanmix, Dostop Komunikacije, Studio Proteus, Telekom Slovenije, Telemach and Milan Trnovec – expecting to reach 46,000 premises which currently have little or no broadband access within the next three years. Another unnamed telco responded to a second call, saying it would pass around 1,500 homes.

The state plans to bankroll rollouts to all remaining areas without broadband access, with around EUR38 million (USD42 million) of funding available under a wider EUR200 million EC-backed scheme which aims to improve connectivity in unserved and underserved regions. A tender to find a contractor to roll out networks to an initial 25,000 premises in white areas is expected to get underway in the coming months.