DOCOMO Pacific VoLTE service goes live in Guam, Mariana Islands

20 Aug 2019

DOCOMO Pacific has announced that its VoLTE service went live on Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands on 15 August. The first handset confirmed for VoLTE use is the Samsung Note 9, although other VoLTE-capable devices are expected to be made available. Roderick Boss, President and CEO of DOCOMO PACIFIC, commented: ‘This is an exciting day for us. The launch of VoLTE marks another milestone on our journey to 5G and we’re happy to extend this new service to our DOCOMO PACIFIC customers at no extra charge.’

TeleGeography notes that the launch had initially been earmarked to take place in July, following successful trials in Guam and Saipan (the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands) in June this year. No reason has been given for the delay.

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