Drei showcases 5G in Worthersee

14 Aug 2019

Hutchison Drei Austria has announced it is using 5G to showcase new opportunities for digitisation, tourism and the environment in the region of Worthersee. The mobile operator has teamed up with Chinese equipment vendor ZTE, the Federal State of Carinthia and Smart Urban Region Austria Alps Adriatic (SURAAA) to begin the live operation of 5G in Portschach am Worthersee to further strengthen the region and to expand the first 5G tourism community in Austria. The project partners presented a number of smart applications using 5G technology to benefit the population, companies, agriculture and tourism in the region.

‘While others are still talking about ‘5G ready’, the digital future in the flagship region of Worthersee is already a reality. With the start of the fifth mobile radio generation in Portschach, Drei will offer a more efficient internet supply for Carinthian households and companies,’ commented Jan Trionow, CEO of Drei Austria, adding: ‘The support of innovative regions is a large request to us as 5G helps to reduce the digital divide between the city and country and creates important new impulses for tourism, transport, medicine and agriculture.’

Austria, Hutchison Drei Austria, ZTE