AKEP opens fresh auction for 800MHz spectrum

13 Aug 2019

Albanian telecoms watchdog the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (Autoritetit Te Komunikimeve Elektronike Dhe Postare, AKEP) has opened a tender for the allocation of two 2×10MHz blocks in the 800MHz band, requesting bids by 9 September. The two blocks of spectrum on offer are 791MHz-801MHz/832MHz-842MHz (A1) and 811MHz-821MHz/852MHz-862MHz. The concessions have a duration of 15 years, and a starting price of EUR7.44 million (USD8.34 million). Under the terms of the licence, a new entrants would be subject to rollout obligations requiring 25%, 50% and 75% of the nation’s territory to be covered with six, twelve and 18 months, respectively.

The regulator had previously sought to auction the airwaves last year, originally intending to split the available frequencies into six 2×5MHz blocks. The sale was modified and delayed several times, however, with the final deadline pushed back to February 2019. Vodafone Albania was the only provider to purchase any of the frequencies, however, securing the ‘A2’ block at 801MHz-811MHz/842MHz-852MHz.